29. Nov, 2016

Honey Fungus (Armillaris Mellea)

Armillaris:  Encircled as with a bracelet or collar.

Melleus:  Pertaining to honey armillaris commonly known as the "Bootlace Fungus".

Most trees and shrubs can be effected and very occasionally some perennials.

This is a common fungi among rotting tree stumps and associated debris but can be very damaging to plant life, so keep a clean garden.

The infection spreads below ground with plants developing a white layer of fungal growth below the bark of root and trunk.

Black 'bootlace' threads grow on diseased roots and so spread the infection.

In very badly infected plants honey coloured toadstools grow in autumn at base of trunk.

One of the most noticable signs of honey fungus is when a tree or shrub comes into leaf and quite quickly leaves wither on dying branches but do not immediately fall and stay in a withered condition for some time.

There is no cure, therefore destroy dead or dying plants and as many roots as possible, if at all possible burn.

Water into the ground a diluted solution of Jeyes Fluid, leave the area of infection unplanted for several months.  This method is so much cheaper than changing the soil.

Happy gardening 🙂