14. Sep, 2016

September 2016

Are you one of the many who visit garden centres, see wonderfully colourful displays, buy, you carefully transport your plant home, ‘plonk’ in the garden without knowing growth habit, soil conditions required, etc., quite quickly you find one of three problems has occurred.

  1. Plant dies – wrong conditions, whether it be soil, sun, shade, moisture, etc.
  2. Planted front of border and has grown 1 metre x 1 metre and has swamped everything, and mowing impossible.
  3. Planted middle of border, grown ½ metre in height, has been swamped by other plants so is either very weak or has died out.

Have you not pruned shrubs correctly for years and your garden has now become a ‘forest’.

I can help you by restoring your garden to one which you can cope with and enjoy, one which will provide you with year round colour.

Rescue and rejuvenate  -  three ways in which I can help.

  1. Consultation  -  A garden visit providing a detailed report for you to work to.  Pruning, moving plants, re-planting, schedule of new plants, etc.
  2. As above but I carry out the work for you.
  3. As above but I work with you, show you how to prune, plant etc. and any other information along the way.

New gardens and gardeners

If I supply the plants there with be no charge for planting scheme and schedule.

 “just a thought”

Yes, ok, read gardening books, watch gardening on TV, Google whatever – all will tell you what conditions a particular tree or plant will be happy with but always remember sometimes plants will astound you and grow quite happily outside their normal conditions – that’s the power of nature!